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A dedicated R&D center from L&K Engineering was set up in 2006. In 2012, based on long term development and plan from L&K Engineering and the market requirement, the major technical members in the parent company L&K Engineering Co., Ltd. were formally transferred to the dedicated R&D center of L&K Engineering to strengthen the establishment and applications of new technology for China market.

In 2013, the preparation and construction of chemical analysis lab of L&K Engineering were started and it was operated in 2014. Now, this new lab has become the central analysis center to serve the whole L&K Group and undertakes detection analysis for environment for the product badness from all of the customers on both sides of Strait.

In 2014, L&K Engineering purchased new equipment again and followed the vibration spectrum measurement technology established in Taiwan China in 2000, and then the micro-vibration measurement and design and production for vibration-proof base were established. Now, the technology of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Air Sampling technology have become service projects of integrated research and development in L&K Engineering.

In 2019, the R&D center was expanded. In addition to improving the laboratory environment and space built in 2014, another R&D experimental field of about 1012m2 will be established to serve as a place for mold factory test and engineering personnel education and training and actual practice.

In database, the collection and establishment of sampling database were started since 2000. After a long-term research and exploration, in 2006, combined with clean engineering design technology, semiconductor process knowledge, processing experience of service for product yield problem from customers in many years to and statistical analysis of mass data, a radar map was developed as an analytical expression method. It was applied to the analysis of the relationship between product badness and environment, and it was successful for the customer to deal with the related problems.

In 2021, the expansion of the dust-free laboratory and the R&D experimental field was completed. In addition to the original ion chromatograph, the laboratory also purchased gas chromatography mass spectrometer and scanning electron microscope, which have been put into use for engineering service.

       In 2022, on the basis of the original ppb level ion chromatograph, two additional ppt level ion chromatographs and organic acid ion chromatographs will be purchased.

With the persistence for technology, L&K Engineering will continue to innovate and contribute to the customers and the clean engineering industry.

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