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L&K Engineering Awarded the Title of SMIC (Tianjin)’s 2022 Monthly Progress Model Award for Safety Production

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SMIC is one of the world’s leading IC OEM companies, and also a leader of the IC manufacturing industry in Chinese mainland. With leading manufacturing capability, productivity advantage and supporting services, SMIC provides the OEM and technical services with different technology nodes of 0.35 micron to 14 nanometer to customers throughout the world. SMIC is headquartered in Shanghai, P.R.C., with a global manufacturing and service base. It has three 8’’ fabs and three 12’’ fabs in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and Shenzhen.

L&K Engineering undertook SMIC (Tianjin) P3 Production Capacity Expansion - Plant Central Power and Process Cooling Water System Project. During the process of the project construction, the L&K Engineering Team for SMIC (Tianjin) Project overcame many difficulties such as COVID-19 epidemic and meteorological disasters, took root in the front line of construction, and finally completed the goal on schedule.

June, 2022 is the 21st National “Safe Production Month” with the theme of “Abiding by the Safe Production Law and Being the First Responsible Person”. SMIC (Tianjin) has extensively carried out the publicity activities on the theme of Safety Production Law, urging the legal representative, actual controller and actual person in charge of the enterprise to consciously put safety first, run through the whole process of work, and earnestly assume the responsibility of “the first responsible person” for safety production.

The L&K Engineering Team for SMIC (Tianjin) Project earnestly organized emergency rescue drills and knowledge and skill training for all employees, and actively participated in the “Safety Initiative by the First Responsible Person”. Under the guidance of the Safety, Environmental Protection and Health Department of SMIC (Tianjin), through the joint efforts by the Project Team, positive improvement was made, and the defects were reduced to zero by binding management with workers, construction report in the morning and evening, and publicity meetings twice a day. The Safety, Environmental Protection and Health Department of SMIC (Tianjin) conducted weekly inspections on site construction manufacturers, and the centralized inspections every day to check hidden safety dangers on site. After a month-long special activities for rectification, the L&K Engineering Team in charge of SMIC (Tianjin) Project won the 21st Safety Month Progress Model and was invited to share experiences at the monthly summary meeting for safety production. Mr. Zhang of Semiconductor Manufacturing International (Tianjin) Corporation (Tianjin) summarized this activity, highly praised the efforts of the L&K Engineering Team in charge of SMIC (Tianjin) Project, and encouraged all parallel manufacturers to learn from the site management experience shared by L&K Engineering, to truly “Abide By the Safety Production Law and Be the First Responsible Person”.


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